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This webpage is a drop location for many things. Quick links are prominent so that I can find tools I need. There are also some products I am developing for various things/people. Please keep in mind, these are all in experimental stage.

Who am I?
I am a meteorologist by trade. I love anything weather. I run a state mesonet and have a strong interest in weather observations and measurementation. I am also a incident meteorologist, with a very strong interest in fire weather. I obviously dabble in programming and web development in my spare time. Lastly, I am also a firefighter. I am a father to one troublemaker and have a wonderful wife.

How can you contact me?
I am most easily reachable by my twitter account: @wx_chip

Python Toolkits:
- Boken - interactive visualization
- Blaze - large database processing
- arrow - datetime for humans

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